The photographer is on a tight schedule and wants to give you the best end result every time. We do not clean houses, and waiting for the homeowner to do it after we arrive will reduce the time available to create the best images for you. Stay ahead and tell the homeowner that the more he puts into it, the more he gets out of it.


-Remove anything you don’t want to see in the shot
-Remove dog/cat beds, crates, bowls


-Don’t park in front of the house
-Check the lawn/landscaping -Hide trash cans.


-Remove any excess blankets, magazines, remotes, personal photos.


-Remove magnets and papers from fridge
-Don’t leave anything in the sink
-Remove clothes/sponges from the counter


-Make the beds
-Remove clothes and laundry
-Hide chargers, remotes, books, etc


-Clean the mirrors and glass shower walls
-Hide toothbrushes and personal items
-Hide hampers and laundry
-Hide shampoo bottles etc from the shower

We realize it’s not always possible to do everything, but do whatever is reasonable.
If you would like to email this list to the Seller, you can download the PDF version below.

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